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Points of Discussion

So Mike and I had plans to go see "Pride and Prejudice" tonight after work. During the day he called me to say that plans had changed and that he had free passes to go see "Tristram Shandy, A Cock and Bull Story." It's a metafilm about an unfilmable novel. So Mike asked me:

"Do we go with the tried and true Pride and Prejudice or risk it for Tristram Shandy?" I said let's go with the free movie because if it sucks, we've only lost 2 hours of our lives.

As it went, though, that the movie is not until next week, so we decided to go see Cache, because you can't go wrong with creepy french movies.

Well - it turns out you CAN go wrong with a creepy french movie, and not only did we lose 2 hours of our lives, we also lost 8 bucks. But it did leave us with an interesting discussion for the ride home, in which a few points were brought up.

1) Do movies need to leave the viewer with some sort of real feeling, either good or bad, or can it justifiably leave the viewer with a feeling of neutrality?

2) If a movie is almost completely pointless, yet leads to an interesting discussion, does that redeem the movie?

3) French Movies are, contractually, mandated to have at least 1 nude scene. Too bad it was Daniel Auteuil and not Juliette Binoche.

4) I need a name for my following theorem: "You can neither like nor dislike an art house movie until you beat it into the ground." I was thinking "Schrodinger's Film" but it's still lacking something. Suggestions?

Overall, I left the movie feeling detached. A while ago I read "Portrait in Sepia." As I said before - nothing of note happened, but I still liked the book. Nothing happened in Cache (well, that's a lie. Stuff happened it's just was) and so I didn't hate it, but I didn't like it. I just felt, well, neutral.
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