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Best quote of the night last night -

Adam (in a state of drunken earnesty): The four hobbits, in order of hotness *points* GO!
Kaela (Adam's fiancee): That is the gayest thing you've ever said.

Yesterday was a long day - I worked 9:30 - 6:15, then booked it over to the trade show where I stood trying to sell our new dumpsters in a bag (we sold one!) until 9. I then headed over to Matt and Steph's for some good times.

This morning I woke up and couldn't put any weight on my ankle. This SUCKS because I wanted to go to tai chi today, but if I can't walk and also have to stand for another 5 hours today. So I've decided that I'm going to soak my ankle, take a warm shower, have a good healthy lunch, then go to the show and see how it works. I'll go late to Tai Chi on wednesday and talk to my Sifu and see if he has anything to suggest about my ankle and new time schedule.

But I had a wonderful time last night at the party. 2 Mike's hard lemonades and a margarita and I was completely incoherent. I talked with Kaela and Michelle about their wedding plans (Michelle: There won't be alcohol at my wedding. Me: Can I bring a flask? Michelle: Sure, I trust you drunk.). I ended up eating a slice of pizza and some chips - not the best choice but I needed to eat some food.

So yeah - I'm off to soak my ankle.

OH! And I will be in Seattle from March 24th - March 26th.
(Deleted comment)
Need I remind you that I was in town for the whole duration of your Minnesotan adventure? ;)