Megmander (fantom07) wrote,

Who'll be my role model now that my role model is gone

2 and a half years ago I moved to Minneapolis. That summer I helped
my friends Mike and Adam move out of their apartment. After the
move, Mike asked if I wanted to catch the ball game. "Who's
playing?" I asked. "A's against the Twins," he said. It had
probably been six, maybe seven years since my last baseball game, but
I knew I had to go.

Many, MANY years ago, one summer Dad and Grampa took Tom, Erik, David
and myself to an A's/Twins game down at the dome. At 21, I
remembered the game I watched when I was probably 9 years old. I
remembered all the games Grampa would watch in the living room during
the summers that we would spend in Beaver Bay. I remembered Mom
cheering for Kirby during the World Series and finding his action
figure, which we may still have fading in our pantry.

It's almost impossible to be an A's fan and not respect the history
they have with the Twins. Since that first game I saw in '03, my
friend Mike and I have caught at least 1 As/Twins game here in the
cities. We look forward to it as soon as the schedule comes out mid-
winter. As we sit in our cheap seats in the upper deck, big
portraits of Twins Greats loomed over us, and Kirby is one of them.

Chuck Klosterman once said that whoever your hero is when you're 12
is your hero for life. There are a lot of people out here whose hero
just passed away.

It's going to be a sad week in the Cities.
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