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I am hollywoodizing my life

We ran, tripping through the streets like angry neon gods. Not even the snow would touch our blazing skin, instead melting around us causing rainbow auras in the street lights. We were living in an apocalyptic time. All around us, our friends were getting engaged like it was going out of style. We theoriezed it was like how birds knew when to fly south for winter - something in the air told them it was murder to stay, to freeze to death, so en masse they fled, to return only when it was safe. And so there's something that drives these young couples, a desperation, a voice inside screaming in frantic tones NOW NOW NOW IS THE TIME, a race to the altar, trying to beat the impending doom. Like soilders in all the wars, the last thing they did before leaving home was to get married in the vain hopes that they would not die alone - but we, we the electrified know that it doesn't matter in the end - we all die alone. In the last four minutes of brain activity, it's you and your memories as they are jettisoned by a frightened mind trying to find the one key to lock the door and keep the wolves out. Like Jim Carey in Eternal Sunshine, our memories are being erased and all we can do is whisper "Please, let me keep this one - just this one."

So we ran, chasing each other through the streets, laughing in the faces of the archaic titans who loomed over us in liquid crystal. Their booming voices could not block out our deafening silence as we turned our backs and sprinted to the river bank where the homeless made bonfires from trash left out by the urban professionals in the plugged in condos. The smell of dead fish and burning shredded bills spun through our heads and we were forced back, back to where we came from, away from the lights and river and iconage. The world we ran from crumbled, death spread on fiber optic cable buried from house to house.

These are apocalyptic times, and we search vainly for the one answer that will keep it all at bay, clinging to our memories as they are erased and running to remember that we're still alive.
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