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Work SUCKED. Not just kind of sucked, but sucked to an epic proportion. This was the Ben Hur or Ten Commandments of suckatude. One coworker has been gone on vacation all week, and then one of the new girls called in sick. So two CSRs, one of them new, and my manager on the phones. On a friday. on a NICE friday. Wanted to die.

But then I took a bath, felt better, and headed over to the Bloomington Bungalow where Zack, Dan and I played Munchkin, in which I had my ass handed to me. Imp was watching and said it was amazing to see. We hung out until about 1am, and then I went back home so I could make it to tai chi in the morning.

Tai chi and sleep. BEST. SATURDAY. EVAH.

Zack took me to lunch at Tiger Sushi at the MOA. I was worried at first - it being mall sushi and all, but was pleasently surprized. It was absolutely fabulous. We were going to go see The Hills have Eyes but our conversation ran long and we decided to forgo the movie for more card games. So back to the Bloomington Bungalow we went, and started up Chez Geek with Moj. We played a few hands and started Munchkin. I ALMOST won this time - and would have if I had thought ahead. I have plans for next weekend, as Dan and I are going to watch Jesus Christ Superstar and sing along. And then maybe play Settlers of Catan with Imp.

Things are going well. Despite the wintery mix we got tonight, spring is on its way, along with all my doubts about moving and figureing it all out. It would be so easy for me to stay here. Tomorrow in San Francisco might be the same as tomorrow in Minneapolis, and I would never know. But giving up is just too easy. But what if I go and fail? What if I try and never succeed? Would it be a year of my life wasted? I don't know. Right now it's like a pretty dream, because we all need something pretty to dream about - but I doubt so much that it'll ever be actually done. I WANT A DEVINE SIGN! I WANT SOMETHING EASY! I WANT A DO-OVER!!!

Sometimes I think I'm fighting being a grown up - am I supposed to settle? Is that what I'm supposed to do?
As much as it sounds like a platitude- Even if you flunk out of something, I don't think it's really a failure. You try something, and whether it works out or it doesn't, it's an experience that moves you... somewhere. And even if it's not in the direction you originally expected or hoped, it becomes part of the collection of things that makes up Meg. You're too smart to end up, like, living in a cardboard box or something, so why not try? Now's the best time of your life to take big chances. Go for it. :)