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Oh man, this is classic. Modern Mom, who has 2 jobs, swaps with a mom who lives with her family in the medieval times.

medieval wife (crying and sniffling): You should be treated like a KING
modern husband: You think so? *in his mind* I can TOTALLY milk this...

modern husband (after walking in on his "homeschooled" children: Cuttin' more leather...makin' more shoes...I don't understand...when does the schooling kick in?

medieval daughter: I have friends...they're just all on vacation right now...

modern husband: That's it - the kids are going back to school.

On the plus side:
Modern family learned how to spend time with each other and work together.
Medieval family learned that the outside world is not scary and maybe they should let their kids out more.
Last week was a Wiccan family where the whife is the matriarch(sp?) of the family swapping with a wife who does everything for her husband and worships the ground he walks on.
Are these episodes getting weirder by the week or is it just me?
HA! I am so glad it was funny, the first 5 minutes or so I saw I thought it mgiht be.

So disapointed they learned lessons. Crazy lessons, where's the snark when there are lessons!
That show makes my head a splode.