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Mike called me at work and left a message, reminding me to pay my car insurance and that he thought that The Hills Have Eyes was the kind of movie the two of us should - nay - NEEDED to see. Oh, and I should pay my insurance.

So I called Mike back on my drive home and told him the check will be in the mail and yes - we DO need to see this movie. When a block buster movie comes along, it is up to us to go and view it. Should it be good - then we've lost nothing. Should it be nothing but hype - we are just the two people to bring it down to MST3K level (see: Kingdom of Heaven and War of the Worlds).

I picked him up at about 6:45 for a 7:20 movie, negotiated through some of the worse down town traffic I've ever seen (and that's saying a lot by the way - Minneapolis never has bad traffic snarls down town) and made it in time.

The Hills Have Eyes is abso-fucking-lutely AMAZING. I have been having a lot of issues with movies for the past year and a half. Movies have only been good in theory but not in practice. It seems like directors and writers these days aren't either ready, prepared, or have the balls to take the risks needed in making a GOOD movie. So far, this year Hostel has been the only movie to be able to kick down the door and make something GOOD. And now The Hills Have Eyes came and took its place.

This movie is INTENSE. Not just somewhat intense, not just sort of intense, this is BRING ME MY BROWN PAAAAAAAANTS!!! intense. This was "hi - we're going to make you feel uncomfortable and scared and worried. And no - we're not going to give you all the same safe cliches (okay, maybe just a few) and we're putting everybody in danger. Yes, everybody. EVEN THE BABY."

I love scary movies that take it all the way - they didn't dumb things down, they didn't hold back, and they didn't over due the blood and gore. Everything seemed realistic, never did I think "oooooooooh please, you're just trying to scare me" because they DID scare me. They scared me plenty. I LIKED it. Way too many scary movies try to be TOO brutal, TOO gory, and it just becomes mockable. Thought House of a thousand corpses sucked for that reason. Same with the remake of Texas Chainsaw Massacre. It was just a lot of fake fake blood with no real REASON for it. Blood for blood's sake is swearing for swearing's sake. It ceases to be anything but a lame attempt at shock. However - The Hills Have Eyes was just right.

There's more I could talk about - the reversal of expectations, how Wes Craven has good ideas but sucky vision, how even though it was a remake it really brought something to the party besides taco dip, and why is hollywood punishing me? But in the end - I was happy with this movie. What a way to spend a Tuesday night.
Wow... I wasn't expecting much from that film. So how does the general plot go about?

Yeah, House of 1000 Corpses was mockingly gory, but that's Rob Zombie's style and it was meant to be more of a grotesque comedy, the way I see it. Although, I do usually find myself defending his movie without any specific reason...
General plot of the movie:
A family of Republicans (Mom, Dad, Older sis, middle brother, younger sis), their jewish democrat son in law and granddaughter go on a road trip to California and decide to go through the desert of New Mexico and the old test sites of atom bombs. Their car and trailer crashes and they are stranded in the middle of nowhere. They are soon attacked by a group of freaks, mutated from years of radiation posioning. They fight - the family fight - people die gruesom deaths, a dog dies, a dog saves the day, and in the end - are they REALLY safe? DUH DUH DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUH

I guess I see no place for Rob Zombie movies. They are just so....well....cliche. It's not too grotesque, either, as much as it's just trying too hard. It's the same thing as why movies that are accidently bad are better than movies that set out to BE bad.
I take it you didn't much like Army of Darkness?
You *didn't* just ask that question, did you? *ducks for cover*
Actually - Army of Darkness set out not to be either scary or bad, but a comedy. Taken at comedy level - it is probably one of the best movies I have ever seen ("This - This is my BOOM STICK!!"). However - I hated Man with a Screaming Brain because it TRIED to capture the same feeling of a B movie, but it tried TOO HARD. It wasn't natural, it just was bad.
Good point, good point.
I saw that movie with dubq and two girls in Toronto. It was intense!

I love the dog! He was the true bad ass of the film.
During the movie, Mike said something about how if the dog turns out to be the hero of the film, this has now become his favorite movie of the year.
And thus it is!
(Deleted comment)
I haven't seen the original version (maybe I'll find a copy this weekend) so I can't compare, but I did enjoy the movie. I thought it stood well on its own.

I do agree with you, though, about hollywood being out of ideas. If I see one more sequel or remake, I may scream. It's enough to make me want to boycott hollywood: They are repeating themselves, overcharge at the door, and I am forced to watch commercials before the movie. Suck.