1) I've tried, but I just can't finish "Nothing Feels Good." Mike, I'll get it back to you sometime this week/weekend. It is well written, and it was interesting, for the first few chapters, and then he just repeats himself over and over again. When it came to the chapter on LiveJournal and Myspace, I just had to say no. I can handle some emo music, but the emo scenesters make my head hurt.

2) Instead, I finished High Fidelity last night as I soaked in the tub. I liked it, I really did. I think I liked the movie better, but perhaps that's just because I love John Cusack (and according to Chuck Klosterman, when I say I love John Cusack, what I really mean is that I love Lloyd Dobbler. But I didn't see "Say Anything" until I was in my 20s and my love for John Cusack is from high school, at least). I have to say that it's not the best written book ever, and it's not even that different from any break up story, but it's sweet and nice and real.

3) Work bought my love with a $20 gift card to target. IT's their way of saying how much they appreciate the hard work Cassandra and I have done. I think, in the almost year I've worked here, they have spent about $200 on target gift cards on me. So now - new movie, new sheets or new towels? What's a girl to do?

4) Keller Williams in less than 24 hours. You all have no idea how crazy happy this makes me. Soon I will be dancing about the Quest with other sweaty 20somethings to the looping melodies of one of my future husbands. Last year, some random lady complemented me after his cover of "What I got." I am looking forward to losing myself in surging mass of bodies and finding my own groove.

5) Feeling better, but just only by a little bit.