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I stepped outside and the sweat down my back froze into a glass dagger. Around me, half naked bodies steamed in the cool spring night. I stood in the euphoric cloud of nicotine and weed, the smokers were gyrating still, flailing their arms and half smoked cigarettes with reckless abandon. I danced with them as Minneapolis loomed over us in concrete and glass. Trip nee Troy came up and slapped me on the shoulder. "It's crazy man, fucking crazy and I love it. I've seen you - I know you. I know you."

Back inside the place erupted, dancing, swaying, moving. Pounding bass and pounding feet I found my line buddies for a brief moment and shared groove as Keller beat out "Golden Years." The bass line vibrated my chest so hard my heart stopped beating and on sides, surrounded by hot bodies, I died for just one minute.

Outside the bus stop, as the drunks called out hey pretty lady, let me hang with you, "kidney in a cooler" played in my head as I danced under bright marquees and patrolling cop cars. Red and blue strobes as I moved my body and danced onto the bus. Propping one throbbing foot on the seat, I beat my ryhthem all the way home.
So I take it you had a good time, then?