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So I'm watching two towers on TBS. I forgot how fucking awesome the scene is where Gandolf goes to Theoden for the first time. Aragorn and Legolas just go into this crazy ninja ass-kicking of hair band music video stand ins as Gandolf goes and casts out the demons that plague Theoden like he's a super priest (Super priest! Super priest! He's super priest-y!). And then POOF! Instant make over for Theoden and he goes and kicks worm tongue down the stairs.

Also - TBS wins for the most slash-tastic commercials in the world. The whole soft pop love song in the background being crooned by some lady with Sam and Frodo hugging and saying things like "I thought I lost you, Mr. Frodo!"

There is no movie in the world that can get me in touch with my inner fangirl like The Lord of the Rings.
Hah. Clearly someone at TBS has been reading "the very secret diaries."