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Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you....

My brother and his fiancee via iChat:

1) This weekend I got drunk with an ex-presbytirian minister who now works at a crematorium. We played guitar out by the fire and together we figured out "Fire and Rain" and "Sweet Baby James." Inside, I found my self dancing it up with a whole group of people in a very tiny dining room with a low chandalier to "Country Grammar." I met a sweet young couple who would be interested in renting out my condo when I move. There was a creepy guy who hit on me lots of times. And when I say creepy - I really do mean creepy. *shudders*

2) ChibiRobo is insanely cute and so addictive there are no words. I played for six straight hours. The whole goal of the game? Make others happy and become the ultimate chibiRobo. The cuteness factor is the same as Katamari. YOU'RE A TINY ROBOT WHO RUNS AROUND WITH AN ELECTRICAL PLUG OVER YOUR HEAD! SO. DAMN. CUTE!

3) I love gossiping with Abby. We're so analytical when it comes to issues. If there is gossip about me, I could only hope that it would be discussed with as much consideration that Abby and I put into ours. *nods*
we are the shrinks that no one's paying.
We're the chorus in the greek tragedy that is other people's lives.
Tom... engaged... intriguing.

And analytical gossip is the ONLY way to gossip
Are you thinking of my OTHER brother, the one you met? He's Erik and in the navy - not engaged.
Yes, Yes, I recall which brother is which. :) I still find it intriguing... however, if Erik was the engaged one that would REALLY be weird. :) in a good way, of course.
Yeah, I'm fairly monogamous. Erik, not so much.
You... I require the fun things of "Full Name" and "Address" for weddingy purposes. SUBMIT TO MY CALL FOR PERSONAL INFORMATION!

miesl underscore dru at yahoo dot com