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The "David/Phish On The Radio" Correlation

Some people are forever and always associated with bands. Whenever I heard Led Zeppelin I think of my friend Gerry, and as soon as Pink Floyd waifs over the airwaves I think of Stu. I know some people forever and always associate Cake with me. Since college, I associated Phish with my friend David.

About two years ago I started to notice a strange pattern emerge. If I hear Phish on the radio, there is about a 75% chance that David will contact me somehow that day. This becomes even more true the longer I haven't heard from him. Now, I don't know if this is a testament to the infrequency of Phish being played on the radio, or maybe the rate of communication between the two of us, and perhaps it's a bit of both, but it's still pretty interesting.*

So today as I was driving to work, "Down with Disease" came on the radio. As I rode down Lyndale I thought to myself "hmm, wonder how David's doing?" I had talked to him back at the end of March when I drunk dialed him at an ungodly hour, but before that not since February (fun fact - I slept through his call a day that I heard "Heavy Things" on my way back from work). Anyways - seven hours later I get a text message from him saying that he just got accepted to the Grad Program at San Jose State University!

David worked really hard on his application to SJSU as well as being a pretty darn good social worker. So if it compels you - go over to deeprizendragon and congratulate a total stranger on getting into Grad School. He really does deserve it.

In the meantime, I'm going to listen to some Phish and chill out on this wet and rainy Monday evening.

*This rate is not true for me contacting David, however. The odds of me drunk dialing him on a Friday evening are about as good as hearing a Brittany Spears song on air. Probably with the same visceral reaction too.
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