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A few things of note:

1) We started the kicks today in Tai Chi. My legs are burning. There's so much strength and balance needed, both of which I am lacking. It's frustrating because my left leg is stable like a tree. I can balance and turn and spin effortlessly. But my right leg - weak, small, short - it can't hold up. I'm trying though. Trying hard.

2) Tomorrow night I start my second job at Marysburg Books. Teri talked to me when I went in for lunch because she doesn't know if they can really afford to have me on. She wants me to work there but they are currently having some issues. I told her we'll just see how it goes. If I stay on, it means 2 nights a week I'll be working almost 14 hours straight. But the money will be worth it. The regular staff is excited for me to join, too.

3) SUMMER PARTY! MARK YOUR CALENDARS!!!! July 29th will be Meg's House Warming Party Part 3: The final Frontier. This will probably be the last summer party until I come back from San Francisco. Because I am going. Yes. I am going to San Francisco. Nope - no doubt in my mind. Set in stone. Yup. Yup. *nodly nods*

4) I need to do laundry and all of a sudden it became 9pm. And the last 10 minutes of Lost? JESUS FUCK.
password? Have you tried the numbers? Or Oceiana (or however it's spelled)
no, phone number will give password. can't get through to number, therefore I need the password.

password is for http://thehansofoundation.org go to sign up for newsletter, it asks for a screen name, then goes all weird and asks for password, which if you don't have it tells you to watch the TV ad.

hard to give grammar its due when you are constantly hitting redial.