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I want to have a scene in the movie of my life where "Somewhere A Clock is Ticking" is playing in the background.

In other news: work is stressful, I got my hair cut, I'm seeing Silent Hill tonight with Mike, my house is still a mess, my budget is a disaster, my ankle still hurts like fuck, tai chi has been the greatest thing to ever happen to me, and I love you all. Yes, even you.

My dream 2 nights ago:
"mmmghm, hello...?"
"Meg! Meg! I'm engaged!"
"mmmf...I know, you called and told me."
"Um, no I didn't."
"*yawn* Yes, you did, you just called me and I told you congrats and then for some reason we got into a fight because you thought I would be all weird about it because you added a preposition before love when I told you that I loved you and you though I was IN love with you but I just love all my friends like that and don't feel the need to hold back because we all need someone to unconditionally love us and let us know that and then I had to write my argument out on a piece of toilet paper with a stub of an eyeliner and it all fell apart when I tried to shove it in your mail box."
"Meg, that was a dream."
"Oh, so you're really getting engaged?"
"Cool. Now don't go adding fucking prepositions to my statements."

And then my phone really did go off and wake me up to go to work. Duel dreams are crappy like that.
I know I'm not the only one with this burning question: Who called you in your dream?
it's my season finale cliff hanger. Tune in this fall.