Megmander (fantom07) wrote,

Is the space pope reptilian?

It has been noted that my LJ has been awfully quite as of late, and this is a very true fact. Work has been keeping me very busy and by the time I get home I just want to sit and vegitate and not think about anything. I've been writing in my moleskin pretty much every night though. I'm not yet ready to show any of it, but maybe in time I will.

The weather here has been pretty amazing. Today was fabulous. As I walked to my car I realized how much I love early summer late afternoons. The skyline stood out against a cloudless blue sky like a midwestern oasis.

This weekend went by too quickly for my tastes, but was good times none the less. Friday night I crashed instead of cleaning or doing laundry. Saturday I worked and then went over to Matt and Steph's new condo. It's absolutely amazing and they did a GREAT job with the painting. Later, Adam, Kaela, Matt, Steph, Kevin and I went to the Chatterbox in highland park. The atmosphere is a lot different than that of the one in Minneapolis, but it still was a great time. THe food was good and the conversation was fantastic. Highlights include: Two Angry Beavers and a very serious confession, the true meaning of decimate, do dinosaurs REALLY exist, and what codes we remembered from nintento and sega (personal favorite: up C, down C, left C, right C, A and start start start - yes, I was a sega geek).

Sunday I went shopping for a dress for the wedding then hung out over at the Bloomington Bungalow. Zack and I played Dead or Alive on the new xbox. He had set the age to 99 so the jiggle factor was to an absurd level. I now understand why boys like that game so much.

Tonight I did some cleaning (yay!) and I am contemplating rearanging the furniture. It's very cathartic. Thinking of moving the bookshelves into the living room, but that gives me a full room that I don't use. Ah well. I'll figure it out.
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