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1) Going to Tai Chi right after work is the mental equivalent to driving your car into a brick wall, but in a good way. After a day of constant racing - racing to answer the phones, to please people, to eat, to breathe, a constant non-stop pace, Tai Chi comes along and WHAM! It all stops. I feel more comfortable, more calm, ready to deal with the world again. My legs are tired, but in a good way. The new brace helps, but I still have problems with balance. I'm getting better.

2) The government is sneaky as all fuck. About a month ago, I got a jury summons...for California. See, I'm still registered to vote there (aaah Davis, where politics is a sport) so I got summoned. Mom signed for me and explained that I can't appear because, well, I live 2,000 miles away. No worries, all is good. Yesterday I check the mail and found a jury summons for Hennepin County. THEY FOUND ME!! Those sneaky folk.

3) So my jury summons date? June 26th. That's a Monday. I told this to Rachael and she nearly died of a heart attack. This is in the heart of busy season. However, I called the courts and asked if I could get deffered due to the nature of my job and the busy season. The lady said sure, was amazingly polite, and then asked if I had any deals on dumpsters. I told her no, but seeing how I was on the clock when I made this call, I asked if she knew about our new service. She said no so I told her all about Dumpster In A Bag and she was all "oooooooooooh!" Yeah - I am just that awesome.

4) I cleaned this weekend. Hard core cleaned. I also moved my bookshelves from the den to the living room. However, I ran out of energy before I could reshelve. Now all my books are huddled together like refugees from the horrible war of Meg vs Dirt. It's like hurricane Katrina only completely different.

5) Season Tickets for 2010. I am SO in.
Season tix? For who??

Btw, are you taking donations forpeople who cannot make it but wish to increase the number of drunks through vicariously? :-P