What's this? THREE posts this week? I know - shocking. But hey LJ land, I'm back, with style and panache. Or something. This of this as my comeback special.

I got a raise at work! Yes, that's right - I'll get a full 25¢ raise starting next pay period. That equals to about $10 extra a week. Oh what oh what should I use that $10 for? I could buy lunch once a week instead of bringing food. I could buy 1 album off of iTunes a week! That's an extra movie or an extra ball game. Or 10 lotto tickets.

So what did I do to earn this amazing windfall? Well, besides the fact that I work overtime like none other, I am learning how to do the add ons for Fridays. Today was my first day at the routing desk and Dale helped me out. Of course, I got to leave at 1pm 'cause I'm working tomorrow but hey - it was fun. It's a new skill. It's TWENTY FIVE CENTS.

Lane Bryant right now can suck my gonads. I ordered a dress from them for my brother's wedding next week. I had to order it because stores suck and don't carry dresses. I did manage to find 1 dress, but it's not as pretty as the one on their online catalog. Then they were out of stock in my size online. THEN THEY HAD IT! REJOICE! So I ordered it and clicked "billing address is same as shipping address" only they must not have seen that because they sent it to my old office.

Now, I went to Omni today to see how everbody is doing (Only Thera and Sharon are left - everybody else that I worked with is gone). Thera was gone but called while I was in. She said the package came but they wouldn't let her sign for it. So they had to send it back to the warehouse. I wrote to LB and asked what could be done, they said they would process it and credit me back and I could order again. I HAVE HEARD NOTHING FROM THEM AND THIS WAS LAST WEEK. So I wrote them a pleading email that will probably not be answered until thursday. Gah.

I got a Target Gift Card from Tubs, but left it at work. But I'll be back there tomorrow to pick it up, seeing how I'm working 8-4. Oh overtime, how I love thee.