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Penny Arcade pokes fun of Saint Paul's Fox9.

This is funny because it's so very, very, VERY true.

Somewhere at the fox news studio there's a backroom. Huddled there are a bunch of writers who are let out only once a year. THey are kept in the dark and scuttle under the chairs when someone turns on the light. Their job is to come up with ideas for shocking and provocative news stories.

All they are given are scraps of Weekly World News, old National Geographics and Time Magazines. They are fed cheetos and red bull.

TONIGHT!! Every half hour, 4 out of 5 babies are carried away by fire ants while their parents sleep. WILL YOUR CHILD BE ONE OF THEM?

On Fox9 - your house, is it in the list to be blown up by aliens? ONLY WE CAN TELL YOU!

I can't stand the radio ads for them. I have to change the channel.
Yes, they love to prey upon the suburban angst towards and paranoia of that thing we call reality. I'm betting 10 to 1 it's possible to get that thing on a PSP, but outta thin air is just a BIT of a stretch.
"Get away from me, Carl Monday!"

This whole thread is an excellent -- and hysterical -- lambasting of sensationalist journalism. Links are inside. http://www.metafilter.com/mefi/51859