Megmander (fantom07) wrote,

Taking our nation's capitol by storm

Quick update - I am posting from my brother's computer, located in his lovely condo in Arlington, VA. I flew into Dulles at 1:30 and was greeted by my paretns who have SHRUNK. Yes folks, my parents? They are wee. We headed over to the hotel and checked me into my own room. The girl behind the desk was new and was doing her best, god bless.

Tif came and we sprinted to Lush. Oh...oh Lush. I have now replenished my stock. Items (that have names on them/I remember) are:
Veganese (in the huge bottle)
Sonic Death Monkey
I Love Juicy
King of Skin
You Snap the Whip
Happy Pill
Pop in the Tub
and I think 3 other bath bombs

The only reason I am moving to San Francisco is for Lush. Really it is. You all will get gifts from Lush.

Right now, Tif, Stef and I are playing Katamari and talking 'bout girl stuff. Wine is being drunk and good times are being had. Tif is writing thank you notes.

Tomorrow: I venture into town in search of a Lane Bryant (a white strapless bra is needed for my dress) and I left my makeup at home (because I'm brilliant). There is a rehersal dinner at a swanky place with family and friends.

Sunday: THE WEDDING! And then reception, and then I fly back to Minneapolis to arrive at around Nine pmish.

Tif and I got caught in a rain storm on our way back to the car. This was the fattest rain I had ever been. You read that right: fat rain. These were many drops of rain huddled together for support as they fell from the sky. It was weird.
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