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Questions and Answers

Today I went to my meeting with the Minnesota Weight Loss Center in Maple Grove. It was a small group, just four of us and the office administrator, but it was a good session. Here are some questions and answers for you.

Is this safe?
This was a question that I wanted answered not only for me, but also for others who might worry. This is a safe program. The shakes and soups that I would be consuming have all of the nutrients and vitamins that a person needs. It's balanced. It's not taking out carbs, protein, or anything like that. The only thing it's taking out is the quantity of calories. This will be around 1,000 calories a day. Eventually, we would move me up to around 1,200 and then stabloize between 1,500 to 2,000 when feel I am ready to start eating real food again.

Providing my body with all the nutirents it needs and not cutting out the sugars or proteins will make my body burn the fat, and not the muscle. We will be taking 1 suppliment outside our shakes, and that's fish oil to make sure we get enough of the good fatty acids.

What are their views on the BMI?
The BMI, or Body Mass Index is a way of determining what a healthy weight should be based on height. There have been many critisisms of this index because not all bodies are built the same. The MCWC feels that the BMI is a good guide, but ultimately, a healthy weight should be decided by the person losing it and their dietician. If the person is in the obese range (as I am) any successful weight loss that would move me closer to the "normal" range would be good. The BMI provides just a range, but not a set number that I should reach.

What support do they offer?
Once a week I will meet with a doctor to get some basics tests done. Every month they will take a blood sample to monitor all my levels. I will meet with a dietition at least twice a month, but more if I feel I need the support. Every month there is a group seminar. While they don't have a group meeting, they do offer information on weight loss support groups in the twin cities. While this is not as strong as I would like, I like that i can choose to meet with the dietition as I feel nessicary.

Are there set goals to reach? Like a certain number of lbs lost?
The goals set by me and my dietitian would not be "lose x pounds in x days." Ultimately, the goal is weight loss, but the weekly goals are more focused on the process of weight loss. A goal could be "Go for a 10 minute walk each day" or "swim 50 laps every day." These are goals to support a healthy life, of which, weight loss would be an outcome. There are no "you must lose x pounds" rules in this program. That number is determined by me. If I choose to leave at any point, I may do so with no issues. There are no contracts to sign.

Couldn't you, you know, do this on your own? Do you really need an expensive program?
Yes and no, and then No and Yes. Yes, people can do this on their own and they don't need a program to do that. I am envious of those people because they have the control and drive that I don't have. I can't do this on my own, I feel overwhelmed and lost when it comes to tackling something as big (hah) as my weight. This program offers me structure and outside support which, to me, is important. I think it's awesome that people can set their own goals and follow through with them. I feel that I am lacking those skills, and it is evident in my eating habits. The program will offer me structure, medical advice and help, and a way for me to help find my own way of living a healthy life, but doing it with the help I need.

I will probably be starting this program at the start of September (dude, it's wedding season - I still have three weddings to attend, do you think I could pass up wedding food? HELL NO!). This does not mean that I am going to binge my way through 2 months, but it does give me two months to really think and focus on my eating habits so I can prepare myself for the changes that will occur.

I will keep you all updated to when I start the program. I was thinking about whether or not I should fitler the posts or not, and I think I'll just put them behind an LJ cut and let you choose to read them or not. Again, I'll ask that you think before posting. Life changes are not good places to bring your moral superiority, but are good places for support and discussions.
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