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I hate having dreams that tell a story. It's like I came in half way through the movie and I'm piecing it all together as I watch it unfold, only I have to leave before I see how it ends. It's just a little frustrating. Especially when the dream is so damn captivating! Distress, futile endeavors, frustration, love, entrapment, betrayal, civil disobedience. It was like watching an art house movie. Even the coloration made it look filtered. I wish I could write the story, but there's no way for me to do it.

Laundry is almost done and then I can pack and get ready for the family reunion! I leave work at noon tomorrow and book it to the airport. I fly out to SD and will be picked up at the airport by my brother Erik and cousin David. I am all excited. I'm jealous because peeps are already there! Lucky gents.

It's humid and I feel nasty. It's disgusting.
Summer is wonderful isn't it? You get to feel all stick and gross if you're outside, and if you spend most of your time inside with the AC, dried out and pasty. What a choice. Not my favorite season.