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In a little over a month, I'll be a grooms chick in my friends Adam and Kaela's wedding, something I am looking forward to very much. As a groomschick, we decided it would be appropriate for me to wear a black dress with a sash that matches the bridesmaids dresses. Of course, this means that I need to buy a black dress - something that I am not opposed to doing because EVERY girl needs a black dress at some point in their lives.

Lately, Lane Bryant has been VERY untrustworthy when it comes to stocking dresses in their stores (why? I don't know. they just suck at life). So, despite having a disaterous time with my order from them last month, I decided to try again, this time MAKING VERY SURE that it would be sent to my home address. So today when I came home HOORAY! My dresses had arrived - all three of them. This way I could try them on and send 'em back if I didn't like them.

On the return slip, they have a comment section if you decided to send them back the clothing. One entry is "not what I expected." This is EXACTLY how I feel about the first dress. It does look nice, but the neck line plunges WAAAAAAAAY below what I am okay with. Okay, sure - fat girls showing their bellies. Gotcha. Or maybe it was made for a fat girl who actually HAS breasts. Either way, it's out of the question. BACK TO THE BOX WITH THEE!

The second dress is a nice beaded number with a very nice neck - halter tops highlight my shoulders very nicely. However, the back is a little bit weird and if I were to keep it, I would definitely need to tuck the back in. However - I would be wearing a sash, so it would be easily hidden.

The third dress...is an adventure. It's almost Santino-ish in nature and I had a hell of a time trying to figure out how to put it on. I have a feeling that if I were to ever travel with it, while in luggage it would contort itself into a gordian knot. However, in the halter top variation, it looks very nice on me. I'm not sure I could wear it with my strapless, but I think it could work.

So, gentle readers, what's your imput? Right now it's a toss up between the beads and the octopus inspired gordian knot. Kaela, if you're reading - do you have any preference? The beaded one is a lot more elegant, but the knot is a lot more fun and youthful. This is YOUR wedding, so I'd love to hear what you have to say :)
Hmmm. Two looks more weddingy, but three looks like more fun. Personally, I would say you should go with the more you are more comfortable wearing.
yeah - that's what I'm thinking too - it's hard to choose!!!
i say 2!!!
They're both really cute! I guess if it were me wearing it I'd choose #2, but I second the comment to go with whichever one is most comfortable to wear. I have your wrap already, so I can give it to you any time to experiment with how it looks with the dresses. Do you remember how I was wearing mine at Steph's wedding? I wrapped it around my shoulders and then pulled the ends back under my arms and tied them together in the back, so it was like a little jacket. I liked doing that because it stayed put that way.
if you would like, I can bring both of them over some time and you can make the final desicion. I'm 50/50 either way and they are both comfy in their own way.
Sure, that's cool, too. :) Do you think either of them would be improved with alterations? I have my first alterations appointment this weekend, and the seamstress was like, "Bring everyone!" so my mom and Steph are going to bring their dresses too and get hems and whatever else. I'm also bringing my rehearsal dinner dress (this one in black) because the top is all baggy and weird on em. You're welcome to come if you want either of them worked on - this woman is supposed to be pretty reasonably priced.
zomg that's so cute!

I think the beaded one would be great with some alteration in the back (if possible). What time this weekend?
Noon on Saturday at the seamstress's house on the east side of St. Paul. I think we're meeting at my place and carpooling. Afterwards I want to convince Steph to go to Trader Joe's, although she does not know that part yet. ;)
oh poo - I'm taking Sasha to the vet at 11 :(
That's ok, I'll probably have at least two fittings, so maybe you can come to the next one. :)

I think your wedding and my cousin's wedding in the fall will be two awesome weddings to attend. My cousin is making sure I get in contact with his gays and his fiancee's jews so we can decorate their car with a yarmulkah.
Number 2 is very elegant, very "weddingy." Number 3 is fun and girly. I think it all depends which one is more comfortable for you, and which one you feel better about wearing.

Is it just me, or are those mannequins, although not sticks, a fair amount smaller than a size 14? I wonder how they get the dresses to not sag on the mannequins.
Kobe Bryant's wife Vanessa's maiden name was Vanessa Lane. Put it together a la HR-C and you'll see why I think it's funny enough to remember.