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So as I was walking out of the house to go to target tonight, my cell phone rang. The caller ID said it was my brother.

"Hey T!" I said, hoping that he was doing well from the recent loss of his cat Guinness.

"Margaret, This is Samuel L. Jackson!"


"I'm just calling to remind you to go see SNAKES! ON A PLANE! Opening August 18th. So get in your motha fuckin truck, grab your brother, and go see motha fuckin snakes on a motha fuck plane!"

It was actually a lot more cooler than that but my brain can't fully comprehend the awesomness of that phone message.

NOW YOU TOO can send your best friends a free, personalized message from Samuel L. Jackson, reminding them that SNAKES! ON A PLANE! opens in a few short weeks.

Go Here and share the love.
this is fucking awesome and I shall abuse it
I had to pick someone I *knew* would appreciate it.
Sometimes I worry about my employer's internet filter...

That got nailed as porn. Ouch.
Bungie got that same message but it was from Horatio Sanz's cellphone number. Horatio gave his number to a bunch of people when he partied with BIG a couple years back.
hehehe, that rocks. Although i have to say, the title for that movie is lacking a bit.

PS sorry i couldn't make your party:( I wanted to go, but i had to nanny a 24 shift saturday morning to sunday morning.