After the grim discovery that almost no theaters in Minneapolis were going to show Snakes on a Plane, and that none of the ones showing were going to have a midnight showing, alexlucard harrauged the General Manager at the SouthDale AMC to have a midnight showing.


I will be purchasing some fake snakes (four dozen or so, just for good measure) and we hope to have a good ammoutn of people. PLEASE LET ME KNOW ifyou want to come! We can get our tickets early and have a great time.

This well may be the movie that saves our summer. It is your mission, nay - MORAL OBLIGATION to come and see this movie at midnight with your friends and possibly family. If you love america, small puppies, ducklings, and things with no legs and scales, not to mention The Great Samuel L. Jackson, you need to come.

Leave a message and let me know!