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I'm really not in THAT bad of a mood, but I did want to show off my new grumpy icon. The pic is courtesy of my friend Ben. The little screech owl (which is possibly one of THE cutest members of the owl family) was perched on his house so he took a few pictures. I like this one the best.

ANYWAYS - I did get to go home early, partly because we're slow at work and partly because I feel like CRAP. I don't know if it's a low grade stomach bug or just my reaction to the weather (I think low pressure or high pressure or something like that affects me). Anytime we're due up for a big storm I start feeling, well, logey. I lose my appitite and any food I do eat doesn't sit well. My energy is low and I kinda feel like I want to die.

ON THE PLUS SIDE - I made it home in time to get my package from oriental trading company. INSIDE is 4 dozen 9inch vinyl snakes (they are small and not too impressive) and 1 dozen 45inch plushie snakes. I will be handing them out to people at tonight's show.

IN OTHER NEWS - I'm going to clean up a bit and take a nap. I am tired and feel like crap.
Thanks for the snakes! Now when do we board!?