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Saturday was one of the best days I've ever had. It ranks right up there with meeting Neil Gaiman. Yesterday I was part of the bridal party for two of my most favorite people, Adam and Kaela.

At 10:30, Ed and I drove to St. Paul so I could meet up with the girls and get my hair done. It was fabulous, all of us were sitting around, gabbing, laughing, talking about our hair and having fun. My stylist put my hair in curlers and when she took them out I looked like a bizzare Shirley Temple. But she eased out the ringlets and softly put up half my hair up and left the rest down. It resulted in a very classy, almost '50s style do that I was VERY happy with. Kaela looked just radiant and we ALL looked great.

After the hair appointment, Ed and I drove to Columbia Heights to the Heights Theater. We had plenty of time so we perused a Thrift Store and then grabbed a burger at McDonalds. Back at the theater we met up with the rest of the wedding party and get ready. The theater's marquee was changed to "Adam and Kaela's Wedding" and we were all excited. Then we found out that the theater had lost half of the electricity and it was a little dark and we might not have organ music. I have to say- the wedding planner was AMAZING - if she panicked, I never knew it. But excell came fast. They had to turn off ALL the power in order to restore it, so in the dim lights of the theater we went through the rehearsal. We had plenty of time, they shut the power off, and an hour later it came on! And we had organ music!! When the organist started playing "Moonlight Serenade", I knew it was all going to be wonderful.

Guests filtered in, took their seats, and the show began. Kaela walked down to "Ode to Joy" and I started to tear up. She looked so wonderful coming down and the music was just so beautiful. I held it back - not having anything to wipe my tears with and not being sure if my mascara was waterproof or not. Justin gave the reading, a fabulous poem by Ogden Nash called I Do, I Will, I Have. After a wonderful ceremony, the Justice of the Peace announced Adam and Kaela Rhinardy and the happy couple walked up the aisle to the theme from The Muppet Show.

The reception was at the Wabasha St Caves, an old supper club and gangster hide out back in the day. We had our pictures outside and I did double duty as GroomsMaid. I had pictures alone with Kaela, pictures with just the girls, pictures of the whole party, pictures with just Adam, pictures with the boys, and then the walking photo in which I know I screwed up because I couldn't stop smiling ("Don't worry Meg, you'll just be the crazy one." "Yeah, you'll be Agent Pink." "I'm Steve Buschemi?" "Yup." "Awesome."). I said it many times yesterday, but I'll say it again - we were a REALLY good looking group of people.

After dinner and the speeches, as Elaine and I were sitting on the stage with Amanda, an older man approached me. I knew I knew him, but the lights were behind him so I couldn't see his face. He said "Margaret Bridge? It's Bob Boyer from SNC." "Dr. Boyer!" I cried, and hugged him. Dr. Boyer was one of my favorite professors from college and so we sat and talked for a while and it was so special that he came to find me and say hello. It really was a great moment.

Overall - the wedding was just fantastic. I felt so happy to have been a part of it. Both Adam and Kaela really helped me feel at home my first year here in The Cities by welcoming me in and introducing me to their friends. It was an honor to be a part of their wedding and I wish them all the best years of love and happiness. You guys ROCK!
Did you see the Boyers dancing? They are so cool.
Wow, that sounds like a blast. I like the choices in music, too. Was the "Ed" person Ed Wojciak, or someone else?