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On Monday I started the New Direction diet under the supervision of my doctor. The diet is simple but very strict. I have four supplements that I consume every day and I should drink at least a gallon of water. How and when I do that is up to me. This week I've already learned a lot on when my body needs food.

For instance - I learned that I don't need to eat every two hours. I am not very big on eating in the morning because normally it makes me sick. I've been like this since the 6th grade. As a result, I think, my body has learned to use it's energy in the morning without much assistance. Because of this, I don't need much to get me started. So in the mornings I drink my cup of broth, mix my first supplement and nurse that for the first four hours of work. At lunch I have half of my pudding supplement. At the 2 hour mark, I drink my shake. Before I leave, I have my other pudding.

This discovery was made when, on Tuesday, my brain SHUT DOWN at 3:30pm, while at 10am, when I had my first pudding cup, I had more energy than a 5 year old on pixie stix. When I got home I was SOOOOOOOO HUNGRY and was very uncomfortable. I stuck with my supplements, but had an extra cup of broth. On Wednesday, I shifted my supplements to later in the day, and found that I had just the right ammount of energy so that Tai Chi was a good work out, but didn't kill me.

So today I met with Dr. Carol, who went over the result of my initial blood tests. Everything was really good. I don't have to worry about my blood sugar, my kidneys are doing just fine, my blood is good (but low on platelets - she thinks it's just because of the sample, not because of me, but we'll keep our eye on it). My good cholesterol was a little low (but still healthy) and my bad cholesterol was a little high (but still okay). What this means is that I am in good condition to start this diet AND, despite my years of totally ignoring what I eat, I haven't done any serious damage to my body (except, you know, the being obese thing).

SO FAR, after being on the diet for four days, I have lost (drum roll please:)

Not much you say? Think about this: 2.5lbs is the equivalent to....

8 pygmy marmosets!

The Hardback Edition of "Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince!"

This Fish!

So yeah, good times! let's see what I'll have lost by next week!
At work a bunch of us are having a contest to see who can lose the most weight by the end of September (quite a few of us are a little hefty). Each week we throw in 5 bucks and the winner takes all. There's nothing like greed as an incentive to get healthy :P
Wow, I hope you guys are all being careful and actually EATING when you need to eat. Something like that could get dangerous. Weight loss is not healthy unless you do it in a healthful manner. Good luck on healthfully losing any weight that you want to lose, but please, take care of yourself.
No worries. We have rules against starving yourself and bulimia and tapeworms. We're all trying to be healthy about it. I know nobody's starving because everyone eats at work. The guy who says he's gonna beat us all eats candy bars every night (not that that's exactly healthy, but at least it's food). And last night they fed us pizza at work for being good employees :)