Megmander (fantom07) wrote,

Week 2 of New Direcction

Another successful week on the diet! Today marks day 11 and everyday I find myself amazed that my body can operate off of 800 calories a day. Somedays I am hungry and my stomach growls at me but I know that soon enough I'll have something good to put in there. I'm learning how to deal with hunger and I'm learning that I'm really not all THAT hungry. This means that when I start eating real food again, I should remember that I don't NEED all that much food. As long as I can make sure that I'm getting all my vitamins and minerals in a healthy balance, I don't need to eat as much.

Of course, I do need to learn what foods I should eat, what foods I shouldn't eat all the time, and how to find a happy balance. As with any good diet - there is always a way to work in the foods you love. It's learning how to find a way that I will be working on.

ANYWAYS! On to the good news! This week, I have lost....
4.5 lbs!
bringing me to a grand total of....

7 lbs!!!!

What weighs 7lbs?
7 pints of water!

Also - the first 7 books of the Wheel of Time Series
(no image availble)

The Christina therapy Harp!

And, of course, this fish...
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