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Math is Fun!

*points to herself* THIS GIRL!!!

That's right - I've lost five pounds this week and I am very proud of that. Statistically speaking, I am EXACTLY where I should be. How do I know? Well, let's do the math (kids at home, play along!)

1) Go to this site and find your caloric intake needs:

According to that site, I need to consumer 3,067 calories a day to maintain my weight, or 21,469 calories a week.

2) Take your weekly energy needs and subtract it by what you REALLY intake a week:

So 21,469 subtracted by 5600 is 15,869. This is how many calories I am NOT consuming every week. That's a whooooooooole lotta calories!

3) Now, 3,500 calories equals one pound of fat. So divide your leftover calories by that number:

15,869 divided by 3,500 is 4.534

That final number is how much weight you should be losing every week. Now then, this is not always so cut and paste. There are times when your body could retain water, or maybe it just doesn't want to burn fat that week, or maybe it decided to shed a hella ton of weight. Who knows. But what I DO know is that I have been consistantly losing around .6lbs a day. 12 pounds in 18 days? .666 lbs a day. Isn't math FUN?

So yes - my grand weight loss total is.......*drum roll*

12 POUNDS!!!

Now what weights 12 lbs?

This ADORABLE python!

This garish plaster reproduction of the death of christ!

Me as a baby!

And, as always, this fish

I would also like to note that my friend Elaine (Elaine, my Livejournal; everybody, Elaine) sent me a great website about another midtwenties girl who has been successfully losing A LOT of weight. Check it out here! Elaine - hope you like today's pictures!
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