Megmander (fantom07) wrote,

Meg's Exploding Kitchen

Some of you may well know that I am lacking that little voice that says "You know, maybe that's not the best idea in the world." Well, I actually DO have one, just not when it comes to cooking. Such notable and brilliant things I have done include this and this. As you can see, I am just an accident waiting to happen when it comes to cooking and kitchen appliances.

So one would think that i would have learned something of my mishaps and be a little bit more careful in the kitchen, right? Especially since I'm not cooking any more food, right? WRONG.

A few minutes ago I decided to make my lunch: a chocolate shake mixed with raspberry soda water. It's a delicious treat and one that fills me quite well. So I pour the fizzy water into my magic bullet cup and add the shake powder. Now - I knew full well the water I was using was very carbonated and I knew I had to be careful. "Four spins," I thought, "would be just enough to mix it. I'll just be careful!"

I screwed on the cup and started to blend.
One! bzzzzz
Two! bzzzzz
Three! bzzzzzzzzzWHAP!

And now I have a chocolate shake covered kitchen.
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