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My dad says there are some days where it feels like you're crossing Nebraska. It's a long and flat state with not a lot to see except farm lands and telephone poles. All this week I've been driving across Nebraska. My normal exubrism that I've been showing in previous weeks is pretty much gone. I've wanted to sit and pout like a five year old. "I bet I haven't even lost ONE pound, and I don't CARE! Just gimme my damn soup..."

However, there have been some good things. I worked with swords at tai chi yesterday, and today I got proof of my insurance, renewed my tags on Fred and had my weigh in with Dr. Carol. I would like to say that Dr. Carol is super supportive and her two nurses are really nice. They always seem happy to see me and eager to learn of my process. They have a lot of good advice and faith in my ability to succeed in this diet.

So the loss this week?
Another 4.5 lbs!

What's the total?

16.5 POUNDS!

So what weights 16.5 lbs?
Well, a lot of bowling balls, such as this one!

This horrendously gaudy faux antler chandelier!

And, in honor of Steve Irwin, this female thornback ray

Sometimes I have dreams that I just gorge myself on food and when I wake up I'm paranoid that I drove to taco bell in the middle of the night. Each morning I check my condo for food wrappers...
You rock Meg!!!
good for you! keep up the good work! :-D

sometimes i wonder if the same weight loss plan would be good for someone like me, since i'm hypoglycemic. then again, i'm not sure i could stick to it anyway. it's so strict! i know that the structure is good for some folks, but i work better with flexibility.

i think. i'm just guessing, here. :-)

in my own quest for better health, i've modified what i eat. i've cut down on sweets and starches, and i've introduced more fruits, vegetables, and whole grain into my diet. i hope it works. baby steps for fluffy. :-) eventually, i'll even start exercising. :-)
you would do better on my diet. It's more forgiving if you fuck up, but the weight comes off much more slowly. Meg's going to pass me up in 30 days, what I've lost in almost 3 months.
You know, I would suggest the South Beach Diet if you're looking for something a little structured. When I was on it, I really enjoyed it and so did my parents. It is a little strict at first, but then there's a lot of options later on!

Right now, you're doing everything right, and really - the South Beach Diet isn't so much a diet as it is a change of life style. Diets are short term, but SB helps you find better habits. You're doing everything right so far! More veggies and better carbs, cutting down sweets and processed starches! Go team Fluffy!
That's awesome. Good for you!
Meg, way to stick too it! And I do the same after I have a vivid food dream. They replaced sex dreams.

And I don't think that fish is 25 lbs.
You're right - that fist is only 16.5 lbs :)
fist??? ewwwww....