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Shout out to my parents - I am safe in Milwaukee!

I got in a little before Midnight. Carolyn is knitting and we are discussing what we want to do for tomorrow. Right now, we're thinking of hitting up the farmer's market, going to the museum (there's a thing about ancient chinese astronomy), seeing some movies (Science of Sleep and The Covenant) and going to a haunted house. It's going to be awesome, but possibly rainy (boo!).

On my way down, I called Ben and we chatteded for a bit. I warned him after the second time my phone cut out that the next time it did that i was just going to focus on my driving. About an hour after my shoddy cell phone service kicked off, Lady A called me and we chatted until I lost contact with her as well. Bad, TMobile, BAD!

Work was chaotic, I stayed late, I crused the highway, and now I'm looking forward to a fun weekend, WISCONSIN STYLE!!!
Waving at Meggie! Thanks for the heads up. Enjoy the weekend, Mom
Hey - I'm avail this weekend if you want to see your big sis... ;-)