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I have done nothing of great importance all night. Fiddled with my new phone (hooray for new gizmos!), talked to Kevin, watched Cast Away (I hate the fact that what's in the box - according to the director - was a solar powered satellite phone), and am currently watching The House on Haunted Hill (hey - tis the season and whatnot).

Tomorrow will be a full day for me. I have tai chi at noon thirty, rush home, change clothes, then go to the convention center for a trade show until 9pm. Not exactly how I want to spend a Saturday, but trade shows look good on a resume.

Mom and Dad sent me green and gold balloons at work today in support of the A's. We made it through the first round! GO A'S! I am so not popular in this city right now.

No plans for Sunday. Maybe some cleaning, maybe a nice walk or movies with a friend. Who knows. I love lazy fall Sundays. There never seem to be enough of them. The trees on my block have all changed and the sidewalks are littered with leaves. One of my favorite sounds (along with the clacking of a keyboard, the jangle of a heavy set of keys, foot steps echoing through a hall and scraping ceramic tiles) is the sound of shuffling your feet through dried leaves. I love this season.
If I was there, I'd get your back in an A's-Twins brawl. Not like we'd live, but yeah :-D How 'bout them Swingin' A's?!
Jesus, I move out of town and you stop seeing the good movies as well as the bad ones.
I object! In the past four weeks I've seen The Science of Sleep, The Covenant, Fearless, and The Last Kiss. In truth - there have not been that many movies I am dying to see. I'm waiting for The Prestige (which I think would have been even better if it were actually Wolverine and Batman as rival magicians in a wonderful back in time, marvel/dc cross over)

Oooh, I'm all green.