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Because it is BITTER cold outside. Crazy insane cold. For a while, the wind chill was 18 degrees. That's acceptable for December, but OCTOBER? No - this is not okay.

It's been an odd day today. Work was workish and I started making survey calls because I was so bored the thought of going through a month's worth of orders for our tax records drove me to new heights (lows?).

Also - because I am so awesome I make the baby Jesus cry, I had a spectacular fall as I left the doctors office when I forgot there was a step down outside the door. I collapsed completely onto my knees; onto the nice rocks and I laid there for a while wondering if I had damaged anything important, other than my pride. My knees are looking pretty sexy right now, being all black and blue and scratched up.

Weigh in today! This week I have lost 3lbs, bringing me to a grand total ooooooooooooooof....

22 LBS!

So what weighs 22 lbs?
This impressive, solid bronze bull statue!

A heart rending, sappy-ass garden juju!

Last but not least - a very cute catfish:
Wow! You are doing super awesome with the new diet. I can't wait 'till the next time I see you!
Hee, thank you! It's not all that noticible right now (I don't think alot of people noticed here in GB) but I know that it will be soon. Thanks for the support! :)