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And the lord shone down upon me, smiled and said:

"Told you to trust me!"

Today I got an email from Kate Gustafson, managing director for Prairie Home Companion. It is as follows:

Dear Margaret
Thank you for your info.  I will print out for further review.  Please go to our website www.prairiehome.org -- go to LAST WEEKS SHOW ---click on Listen to the show---listen to a few of the scripts ---and take a stab at writing a short script ---either using the same fake sponsor or creating your own.
Send on and I will attach to your other info.
Kate Gustafson


Now, I know nothing is for sure yet, and I mean, I have to come up with a script to write and everything, but just to hear back from them, to know that they are at least somewhat interested in me, ME, MEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!

But seriously, this could really be what I'm looking for, this could really help me jump start a career, a life, it's almost too much to ask for. I'm worried though, nervous too, I don't want to get my hopes up too high. All I can do is listen to the scripts, listen to my own sense of humor, and write something that reflects my talent. I know it won't be right up to par with the greats (I mean, Garrison Keillor is Garrison Keillor) but maybe they will see something in my writing and think "Hey, this girl can go places!"

So wish me luck people, if anybody has any ideas for me, wants to help me out by reading my practice scripts, or anything, drop me a line.

This could be it folks, this could be the show
congratulations! that's so utterly full of coolness. i'd be happy to filter any of your script possibilities through my own warped sense of humor.
SO Excited for you... I'm sure they'll realize how much they need to be Meg-alicious.