Safe in Greebs for the weekend. I forgot that I didn't really TELL anybody that I was coming up. It was a surprise to many people, which is always awesome.

Drive was uneventful and I ran into some snow. I'm an idiot and left my nalgene bottle at home, but I borrowed Abby's until I could buy my own (it's my first item of SNC stuff).

Had coffee with Laurie, which was amazingly fabulous and seemed waaaaay too short, even though I know it wasn't. Of course, I could probably talk with her for hours, so it's best that we left when we did. Otherwise - the sun would have sunk, I would have missed homecoming, and she would have missed the wedding. But we caught up on all the gossip, explored the professions of people with BAs in English, talked about feminism and religion, my diet, body image, life - it was wonderful.

Laurie - I didn't tell you this at Luna's and am kicking myself for it: If I am to be a teacher, I would have you as my inspiration. You helped me find my voice, gave me good critique, and made being an english major a lot of fun. I could only hope to be as good a teacher and a role model that you are. Thank you for everything!

Then blood bowl happened, and it was amusing to watch old men get hurt. But like, in a good way. Now we're back at Abs, I'm eating my soup, bringing my shake with me to AirBands, and plan on staying the only sober person at the party tonight. There's tons that I'm leaving out - but that's the good stuff so far.

I love visiting all my friends out in Greebs, but I know that I could have never stayed here.