Megmander (fantom07) wrote,

Fever Dreams

I did something today that I always tell myself not to do.

I went to Target while sick.

I know I should have stayed at home and slept and drank water and broth and my suppliments but there were things I NEEDED.

I needed to buy kleenex for my drippy nose. I needed to buy a new lunch bag for work. I needed to buy flavored water for my shakes and pudding and I needed to buy those little gladdware cups too.

I needed to buy, I needed to buy

I needed to buy.

So I went to target, driving through misty weather to St Louis Park where I battled the elderly for parking spots. I walked through the store in a lucid state. My head and torso were filled with helium and my hands and feet with lead. I followed instinct and red lines as I walked around the store in one giant loop. Cat food, gladware, raspberry water, ginger peach water; I start off how I'm supposed to. But then I vary, like little red riding hood I veer from the path and after I get my lunch bag I get a new humidifier because I like warm mist better. The humidifiers are by the movies and now I own boondock saints and v for vendetta (a movie that finally caused Kubryk to call me toxic to his life, a phrase I hate for it's drama llama implications). And then I did something. Something that will seal my doom and send me to a very special layer of hell.

I found pet costumes for three bucks a pop.

Of course, they were marked for small canines because, as we all know, no self respecting cat would ever POSE for such a thing. And as soon as I find my digi cam I will post pictures of Sasha the Lobster and Molly the Witch. When I first put it on, the look of hatred in Sasha's eyes was so vibrant, peircing yellow neon signs that flashing my death.

And now I am home, after driving down lake street and wondering where I was exactly. Not that I was lost, but simply that I felt I was cut out of a magazine ad and pasted onto a poorly constructed collage or a ransom note. I'm an overlay with torn and tattered edges. Down Lake and Hennepin they are hanging lights in the trees. I floated my way home over cut outs pasted with elmers glue.

But I forgot the kleenex. And plastic spoons. A toilet paper.
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