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Okay, I only lost 1.5 lbs this week, bringing us up to a total of 23.5 lbs. Not that big of a change from last week. 23.5 would only fare a slightly bigger fish, and I'd rather wait until I have a better number than a 1.5 change.

So why only 1.5 lbs this week? Well, thanks to the fact that college kids are a breeding ground for evil germs and bacterium, I have a nice and nasty case of bronchitis. I went to urgent care yesterday because the act of breathing? Yeah, that really wasn't happening. I was cold, pale, probably a bit smelly, and my oxygen levels were kind of low. So they hooked me up to a nebulizer and I sucked down the vaporized albuterol. As I was feeling miserable and really wishing I could smell or even breath, THE CUTEST GUY walked in from the lab to take my blood. Tall, dark, probably geeky, who knows. And he's sitting there, fondling my arm and hand, being all gentle, and I'm sitting there with a tube in my mouth, huffing drugs with greasy hair falling into my eyes.

Could I have BEEN any more attractive? Probably not.

So after the nebulizer, the x ray, the urine test, and the hour and a half of waiting in between, it turns out I have nasty bronchial. Oh, and low platelets. Really low platelets.

Now, the platelet thing I kind of knew about. When I first got my blood results back from Dr. Carol at the start of September, she mentioned that they were a little on the low side. Last week I got my monthly results back and they were LOWER. So we were going to try again this week, but the hospital beat them to it.

So what of this low platelets? Well, it could be nothing: my body could just be low on platelets. It could be a little something: my spleen might be eating my platelets because it's not receiving enough attention at home and is acting out. Or maybe my platelets are deformed and just need more love. Or it could be a big something: like I have leukemia or lupus or something is wrong with my bone marrow. There are A LOT of things it could be. So next Tuesday I'm going to have it looked at. It may or may not involve me having to give a bone marrow sample - an act which I have heard is neither fun nor pleasant.

Am I worried? Yeah, a bit. I mean, there's no reason why I should fear the worst because, well, there's just no reason. But it really does make me a bit nervous because something really serious could really screw up my plans. I'm sure it'll be something really mundane or easily fixed, but it could mean I need a spleenectomy. Who knows. But it will be a very interesting next few weeks.

So yeah, I'm sick, my lungs hurt, my body is retaining water because it's all "AAAAAAAH! SICK! KEEP ALL FLUIDS IN THE BODY!" and "Buzz Ballads" is probably the most misleading commerical in the world. I'm sorry - Santeria and Sex and Candy are NOT ballads. Puh-leeeeeeze.

Next week: I promise more fish.
Omigosh, I'm sorry...I hope this isn't anything serious. I've got my fingers crossed for you. Is it possible that the extremes of the diet could be hurting your platelet levels? (This is not a criticism, just a thought.)

As far as the 1.5 pounds goes...that's healthy, sustained weight loss. When starting a diet, you will drop off a lot of weight right off the bat, but after that, it should subside into a steady flow of 1-2 pounds a week (or less) if it is healthy dieting. If you had kept making posts about "5 more pounds," I would have been seriously worried. BUT, the good thing is that those 1.5 pounds are probably pretty much fat loss (whereas your first few weeks there was probably water weight disappearing as well), so your overall body fat percentage is going down.
Is it possible that the extremes of the diet could be hurting your platelet levels? Probably not. My doctor doesn't think so and my mother's doctor, who has been doing this for about 20 years and 8,000 patients, doesn't think so either. They were low when I started the test and low still. It's probably nothing or it could be something. Either way, I'm just gonna get it checked out.

Eh, 1.5-3 lbs a week is where I should be on this diet. My weigh in today has my water weight WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY up due to the fact I'm hella sick and my body is just one swollen mass of...well...mass. Sometimes the body can hold up to 8lbs of water, all tucked and stored away. Who knows what next week will say.
Hm. Well, whatever it is I hope it's not something serious.

Sometimes the body can hold up to 8lbs of water, all tucked and stored away. Who knows what next week will say.</a>

The body can hold a lot more than that...of course, most of the water is pretty necessary, to, you know, live. =P
grah, stupid messed-up tags. Sorry about that.
Spleenectomy? Oh heavens - no!
probably won't happen. It's just an outcome.

I like to freak myself out really bad because then eveyrthing else in comparison is really tame.

That, and I just like saying "spleen"
Uhm, yeah. Bone marrow samples are not fun. Not the worst thing in the world, but not fun. I'm not talking from experience or anything, but my mom is an RN. So, I've heard. Local anesthetic, perhaps a sedative, a needle, and a bone. Outpatient procedure, but some pain may be associated after the procedure is done for a few days.
shit, dude. i hope it's nothing serious.