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This is how we celebrate weddings in Wisconsin...

What I left out in the story of this wedding was that on our way to search for food during the 3 hours break between wedding and reception, we all stopped to have our picture taken with the Rhinelander Hodag.

I love this picture so very, very much.

PS - despite the fact my sinuses are so inflamed my TEETH hurt and I didn't go to tai chi because hacking up lung cookies is not conducive to meditation, today has been good. I feel more skinny, I found a sewing machine, those shower melts are the best thing in the world, and I can now wear the pea coat my brother got me for christmas but I was too fat to wear. Also bought the office a shit-ton of kleenex 'cause it was on sale. All in all - good day. Now I'm going to watch a movie and drink my soup and eat my pudding. GO TEAM ME!
Missed the opportunity to be in that pic. Was at...the bars or something at that point in time. I've been past that hodag so many times as it stands anyways that I usually forget that it is there.
you were probably at Gator's house hanging with peeps there. You met up with us at the bars later.
I only know most of those people in that picture, but it looks like a ton of fun. Wish I could've been to it, but travel times forbid :-(
I know everybody but two, so you should know almost everybody too....

left to right:
Filibuster, Nikitia, Muse's sister ( I don't know her), Muse's girlfriend (don't know her either), Patti, Me, Kelly, Abby, Tim.

And on the hodag itself is Muse and Goji.
I thought that Muse and Melissa were no longer...enh, like I can keep up. But dang does Jay look different. Must be the haircut.