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I went to the doctor this morning so we can start figuring out what the hell is up with my platelets and why they are playing hooky from my blood stream. I drove out to Minnetonka against the morning traffic. In my rearview mirror I watched the sun rise as a brilliant red and violet affair. Ahead of me the sky was perfect blue and pink cotton candy. I hate having to wake to darkness but the sunrise this morning made up for that.

Anyways - as I said, went to the doctor this morning. Dr. Keifer saw me right away and asked why urgent care even did the blood samples to begin with. I told him about my diet, my concerns about electrolytes, and the fact that we were concerned my platelets are low. I regaled how they came back and told me my electrolytes were fine, potassium was a little on the low side, but yeah, my platelets? Hella low. In fact, they were lower than the last test. My Platelets are all going to Las Vegas for a vacation of fun and I'm let footing the bill.

Dr. Keifer referred me to the hematologist (oooo, fancy word for blood doctor!) and they also took some samples. This was the first time they were able to find the vein using a regular huge needle, instead of the tiny butterfly tube. I think it would be funny (and really really relieving) if my platelets were just clumping in the butterfly tube and this blood test will be fine and normal. My appointment for the hematologist (after having to bring in reinforcements so I could get an appointment earlier than three weeks) is for next Thursday. I'm a little anxious because Dr. Keifer highly suggests that I have a bone marrow test. Hooray! I want someone drill into my pelvis! I REALLY do!!!

At this moment, no need to worry or panic. The rest of my body is really quite healthy - my red and white blood cells are *just fine* so this may be an isolated issue. I got a little frustrated at my desk today, though, before we got the hematologist to move up my appointment. Why? Because I am, generally speaking, really quite healthy. But when I get sick, I get crazy sick and complicated. Like the time I either got West Nile or Viral Meningitis (we don't know 'cause the doctors had no clue). Or hey, what about the time my optic nerve became inflamed and they didn't know why?

I mean, why can't I be normal and have normal, easily diagnosed and treated things like allergies or asthma or dermatitis or crap like that? I mean, sure, it's a lifetime of sniffing, wheezing, itching, medication and annoyance, BUT YOU AT LEAST KNOW WHAT IT IS!!! I just hate the not knowing. Once I find out what it is I'll be so much happier (or, you know, maybe not) but this isn't fair! I've got a plan going on and this not knowing is really fucking things up. UGH!
I can relate. For the last four years (as you know) I've had a weird hacking/post-nasal drip thing going on. Doctors say it's allergies, but why won't meds do a damn thing to the symptoms??? Then there was the time they thought I had strep, but it turned out to be walking pneumonia...in HIGHSCHOOL!! Seriously, who gets that in highschool, for crying out loud?!
so, if you're *low* on platelets, why do you keep going back and getting them sucked out of you? :P
docs get all wigged out when they can't find the answer to something. and so do we. i hope they figure out what's going on, but in the meantime, figure that it's your body being all metaphorical and mysterious, cheating the "big boys" of medicine. ha!
i hope you don't have henoch-schoenlein purpura, which i had when i was a kid, and which is very rare. if you did, though, you'd probably have bruises on your skin (or at the very least, petechiae). did you have a hard time with chicken pox/shingles and/or have it recently?

here's hoping you feel better soon, and your platelets come right back.