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I'm grumpy, emotional and cranky. I blame the weight loss. Layers upon layers of stored horemones are flooding my system. I stored them like food for the winter. Crankiness is totally contagious this week. Abby, I feel your pain.

Weigh in tomorrow and I have a good feeling about it. It's about the only thing that's being consistant right now. YAY WEIGHT LOSS! YEAH BABY YEAH!

Kevin, I know you read this - I will call you eventually and I am NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT avoiding you! I'm just a slacker and last week it felt like my lungs were incased in cement. I feel so bad *hangs head in shame* You need to visit so we can lounge on my couch and watch movies with cute boys.

Lots of great movies coming out this weekend, two parties to go to, lots of books to return to their owners, and...um...I dunno what else. Stuff. Yes. Gah.

I miss real food.
And heat. I miss having heat in my house.
And my platelets. I miss them most of all.
Oh and for the record, I don't blame the weightloss. I blame anxiety and PMS.
I know you don't blame weightloss - that's just my attempt to be humerous about my own situation.

I don't know why I'm cranky - well, I think I do, actually, and it involves lots of little shit all added together. I need a nap.
I'm in a pseudophed haze, I'm napping while still awake.
Hey! Sorry I didn't call you back last weekend. Adam is going to bring the pictures to Jeremy and Michelle's on Saturday (I can't go, family stuff), so go ahead and mark whichever ones you want copies of.
w00t! Awesome! Sorry that we'll miss you at the par-tay but have fun with family stuff this weekend!
Oooh! Pictures! I'll have mine out as well.

Meg - can you eat any real food? I want to make sure if you can eat something - it's there.
nope - no real food at all, but don't worry! I'll probably have one of my shakes with me.

but DO have diet soda!! I can drink diet soda with no problem :)
What kind do you like? I'll be sure to pick some up.
basically anything: root beer, DrP, coke, etc.
you can have some of my platelets