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Meggielicious definition make them boys go crazy
They always claim they know me
Comin' to me call me Meggie (Hey Meggie)
I'm the M to the E, G, G the I the E
And can't no other lady put it down like me

Bitches, this girl lost 3 more lbs this week! My pants be looser, my shirts be baggy, I feel good. Still a bit on the cranktacular side, but generally better. I don't know where October went, and my deadline for getting out of this state are fast approaching. It's overwhelming but I have a feeling I can do this.

ANYWAYS! Three pound loss? Oh yeah, that brings me up to

26.5 lbs!!

So what weighs 26.5lbs?
This full sized arcadian helmet, circa 550BC and can be yours for $510!

This adorable toad, offering you a coin can also be yours for $310

An amazing display of crystal formation in this amethyst geode for only $425!

And, as always, this fish (approx $12.96 if the price of carp is still $1.08 per kilogram)
Awesome. =)

Also, that's more than this guy's tumor.
Well, at least you didn't start singing "Whatcha gonna do with all that junk? All that junk in your trunk..." etc., etc.

That's a horrible song.
26.5 lbs? Holy crap! That's like shooting out triplets!