I came home and my condo was 80°!!! BLESSED BLESSED HEAT!!!

Doing laundry tonight because I need clean undies and sheets.

Finally figured out my halloween costume. It is obscure but well thought out (that and it's cheap. So really, it's a cheap halloween costume and everybody will know that I am lazy and cheap and impress no one).

I can finally get rid of the half empty bottles of alcohol from parties past this weekend WITHOUT having to painfully drain them down the sink. No - I'll take them to Bloomington with me and give them to the party goers.

Looking waaaaay forward to seeing lots of wedding pics tomorrow night and playing some quality boardgames with good people. Then over to bloomington to watch my drunk friends get drunker. It's like a touch of Greebs in the suburbs of Minneapolis.

Hope my EC girls are having a great weekend! I think mine will be just as fun.