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The warm October day that we've been waiting for all month long is now quickly vanishing as a cold and forceful wind has started up. Tomorrow should be the kind of Halloween that I've always dreamed of. The kind that I watched on TV when all the stations were showing holiday specials. We're in for a cold and howling wind, the kind that sends dried leaves into dizzying spirals around your feet. Tomorrow will be a Sleepy Hollow night.

So I decided to try it out. I'm following my fellow LJ friends into the depths of insanity and I've signed up for National Novel Writing Month. I figure I have almost nothing going on in my life and my writing portfolio is TRAGICALLY lacking. Besides, 50,000 words is only about 1,600 words a day. Of course, now that I think about it, that's approx the length of a 6 page essay (times new roman, double spaced). Now - I have written my fair share of 6 page essays in one day during my time at college (but never for you, Laurie, NEVER for you!), but doing that every day for 31 days? Man. Of course, I think I can bank my words. I'll figure it out.

Now - what I really DO need to figure out, seeing how I am so late to the party, is what I AM going to write about. I have a day to come up with a plot. Or just to see where it's going. There's been a short story floating around in my head that maybe I can use as a subplot. We'll see.


And I will have my fucking portfolio finished in time. Hells yeah bitches.
Laurie Mac has an LJ? Dude - share!!! :)

Oh - and GOOD LUCK!!!
dude, check her out! drmacd_snc

And danke!
dude, stop wasting your words here and write!!!
That is sooooo cool! I am even a little tempted to try, but what I'm interested in writing are scripts.

Good luck! I'm sure you'll be awesome!
Good luck! You can do it! And if I didn't have a massive thing going on called "my first term of graduate school," I would be doin' it with all of the rest of you who are. =)
My former roommate tried that last year. I think he set a lower goal for himself, but it was still very impressive.
My former roommate tried that last year. I think he set a lower goal for himself, but it was still an impressive amount of writing.