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I would be dancing like a crazy person if I weren't so tired

1) Last night I wrote 1500 words for nanowrimo. Tonight I am exhausted, so I don't htink I'll write anything. Also - I need to do some research. Damn me and my picking an ambitious plot.

2) I BOUGHT A SWORD TODAY! I went to Minnesota Karate Supply and bought a nice wooden practice sword. It's really nice to have something to practice with. I am honored that Sifu has even allowed me to start learning when we have the time, but I know that it's really up to me to put in a lot of practice. There's so much more to learn about balance!

3) Went to see the hematologist who was one of the nicest doctor's I've ever met. My last blood test shows that my platelet levels are up a bit so he's not as concerned, so no bone marrow test! WOO HOO! He thinks it might be idiopathic because nothing else seems to be wrong. But they took more blood and will take more tests. If nothing's wrong, I'll see him again in January sometime. If something looks weird, they'll call me. But right now, I really shouldn't worry. Idiopathic means they have no idea what's causing this. Or, as my doctor said, "it means the doctor is an idiot and the patient is pathetic."

4) WEIGH IN TODAY!!!! And it was the BEST weigh in EVAH!!! This week I lost a total of SIX WHOLE POUNDS!!! Bringing me to a total of.....

32.5 LBS!!!!

Now what weights 32.5 lbs?

This fish! (I'm too tired to find more pictures)

Now, before people get all freaked out because "six pounds isn't healthy" just think for a moment: my doctor, who is monitoring this whole thing, is not worried. My parents, who have been on this diet and are healthy, are not worried. The doctors who I have seen regarding my platelets are not worried. If all of these people are NOT worried about my weight loss, should you be worried? Also - this week I think it's a lot to do with water, I've started drinking lemon water, which is a natural diuretic. It's also helpful to know that all of my blood tests show that the rest of my body is doing JUST FINE. I appreciate concern, and know that many of you are on your own diets, know your own things about nutrition, but maybe this is something just a little bit different.

I shouldn't have to justify a six pound weight loss to people. Does anybody ELSE see something seriously wrong with this?
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