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So, lo_bot asked "hey - when do we get to see pictures?" the answer is: Now. This will be my first comparison picture share. I kind of wish I was doing something like The Pasta Queen did, making sure she gets full pictures at majorish mile stones, but this is the best that I can do. Besides, we all look so GOOD in these photos!

Here are my parents, my brother Tom, and myself at Tom's wedding, June 11th; five months ago and 3 months before I started New Direction:

Here are the four of us again at Mike and Jessi's wedding, November 11th; 10 weeks into New Direction and 36ish pounds lighter:

I think I can see a difference. I should also try to round up pics of me the two other times I've worn that dress: once in December of 2001, and once on New Years Eve, 2003.

Also: The wedding was AWESOME. As the capstone to my mad wedding season, it was a perfect end. I braided Mike's hair into a Legolas plait that turned out really nice. Jessi was amazingly beautiful. I danced the Hora for the first time. The Strand Clan started got the party started after dinner when we hit the dance floor with decent style and a fair amount of grace. I met a lot of nice and delightful people and a few contacts in San Francisco *sagely nods in the direction of pocket1.

Each of the five weddings I went to this year were unique to each couple and were all special. I feel so lucky to have experienced them all and wish all the happy new couples the best of years to come.
dude, if anything your face and neck are smaller. You may end up losing your lips! GASP!
or worse - my head will shrink and my lips stay the same, resulting in a hiddous fish mouth! AAAAAAAAAAAAUGH!
I can definitely see the difference, although you look gorgeous in both pictures.

Your parents = !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I didn't even recognize them at first, wow they've lost weight! How have they done on the transition back to real food?
They've done really well and just remodeled the kitchen into the epicenter of culinary arts.
That dress is awesome. What kind of plan are you on to lose the weight again? I forget...
You may have seen that dress before - I wore it to the winter EC dance in 2001.

It's basically a liquid diet that is doctor monitored. In the most basic terms - I am hacking my own system in order to convince it to burn fat while still consuming all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients I need to survive. I'll be on it for probably another 6 or 7 months or until I reach a weight I feel happy, healthy, and comfortable in.
(Deleted comment)
Thank you! And thank you for spurring me to share a picture of the progress!
HOLY SHIT YEAH YOU CAN SEE THE CHANGE! Congrats, keep up the good work...I hate you XD. J/k on that last one.
Hehehehe - thank you for your support :)
dude, you look totally great. i'm impressed.
Oh my gosh.

I KNOW Tom. He told me that my story was terrible and that he would never attend any Fray Day reading that I organized and would, additionally, encourage everyone he knew to not show up.

Small world.

ps- your on-going transformation is amazing and commendable!
You're beautiful no matter how we slice you, but in the 2nd picture, your smile is full on and not a bit tentative. It's you saying "Yeah, baby!" And that makes you shine. Plus, the dress is great. The hair do is fabulous. And, yes, your face is thinner, changing shape. Don't we lose weight from the head down?
woo-hoo! I got a shout-out!!!
I see the difference too. You've got a lot of tenacity to hold onto that diet for this long. Keep up the good work.
That last comment was me. Forgot to log in.

But now I've broken the limit barrier. Will the fires of hell be unleashed becaues you got 16 percent today?
you've doomed us all! DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!