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This is prompted by something I wrote in bark2themoon's journal.

The holiday season is fast approaching and already I have been hearing on news, tv programs, radio shows, etc. the whole thing about "war on christmas" or "happy holidays vs season's greetings vs merry christmas" et. all. Last week I heard two morning radio DJs and their manager get into a row because one of them said she liked seeing a nativity in a store window and then a listener sent back and angry email about how close minded she was. They talked about how, apparently, WalMart's stock went down last year when they started saying "Happy Holidays" instead of "Merry Christmas." I don't know if I truly buy that one.

Anyways - everybody seems to get their undies in a bundie because one religion is getting top billing while others are getting the shaft. But let's look at it another way. Instead of other religions getting pissed that Christmas is getting all this huge marketing while their winter holidays are getting looked over, shouldn't christians be pissed that a sacred holiday has basically been turned into the Cult of Santa day? The Christmas that is displayed in storefronts across America has hardly anything to do with the birth of Christ, save for the fact that relatives travel long distances to give presents to other people - a tradition started by the Magi which is only in one version of the gospel. I mean, if other religions REALLY wanted their winter holidays to be debased like that, then sure - I guess I'd be pissed too. But really - do you want that?

I understand that it's recognition that people want, to understand that christianity is not the only religion celebrated in America and other countries. But also, we're leaving out the atheists who don't really believe in anything. Do you think it's fair that they are constantly bombarded with religious overtones when they do not practice anything? How do they feel about this whole situation? Why is any religion more important than their own beliefs?

In short, what I took to long to say, is this:

If I wish you Merry Christmas, I am wishing you something that is important to me to you. Growing up, we celebrated Advent as a time for preperation, preparing our hearts and homes for the birth of our savior. This was a very important month for my family, a time of closeness and love, not just of commercial goods. Of all that goodness that I associate with christmas, I wish to you.

If I wish you Happy Holidays, I am saying that I hope that whatever you celebrate in this month, whatever it may be, brings you happiness and peace and love. There's a lot going on in December and it concludes our year in which we hope that the new year is prosperous, happy, peaceful, and wonderful. I wish that to all of you.

If I say to you "Season's Greetings", I may simply be saying "Let us all rejoice in the fact that soon the land will be frozen, our asses cold, and we must snuggle together to keep warm in the long cold nights. Hooray for body heat." Because, really, that's what the winter season is aaaaaaaaaall about.

So Season's Greetings to you all, now go eat turkey to help build up a layer of protective fat so when the cold comes you can handle it.
Actually I *am* pissed about one of the holiest days of my year being turned into the Cult of Santa day.

And I agree with you about the greetings. I'll generally say "Happy Holidays" to people I don't know well, but as it gets closer to Christmas, I'll often say "Merry Christmas" and I think it's a small, mean, heartless person who gets pissy about that- I'm wishing you joy on a day that is holy to me, so take it in the spirit it's intended and stop looking for shit to get offended about.
I'm a vegetarian and I'm highly offended that you would suggest I eat turkey.
too bad, I'm forcing my oppressive meat eating upon you.

okay. the world at large is aware that i'm pagan, and as such, i celebrate yule. however, having grown up in a large, italian, catholic family, i've celebrated christmas throughout my entire life. and y'know, i still do. to *me,* christmas is about giving and fun and smiles and good food and great times and snow and relatives and friends and love, which are all fab. my own personal christmas doesn't really involve jesus, but nobody in my family really uses christmas dinnertime as an opportunity to expound on the glory of god, in the highest or otherwise, forever and ever, amen.

the point is, i *do* celebrate christmas, even if only from a certain perspective. it's a great holiday. i have no problem whatsoever with "merry christmas" as a greeting--'cause to me, even if i were the last person on earth who *would* celebrate christmas, wishing someone a merry christmas is just a nice thing to do. i also don't mind people saying "happy chanukah" or "happy kwanzaa" or "happy winter" or whatever. it just falls into that "nice gesture" category that so many people seem to've forgotten about. war on christmas, bah--it's more like a war on words, in which the meaning *behind* those words is completely overlooked.

what i wish is that the hangup would disappear. "good yule" is just as much an offer of a happy and healthy winter holiday as is "merry christmas." and whatever i choose to say--whatever *anyone* chooses to say--in my personal opinion, it comes with the same positive intention, and i'm just glad when anyone wishes me happiness of any kind. :-)
There are SO MANY good and happy things to think about at the end of the year and yet people from every religion are making it sucky. Even Christians are being whiney about it. And I agree with you- nice gestures have gone the way of the dinosaurs and I think it;'s really, really sad.

As my friend Adam says, "everybody just needs to chill the fuck out."
p.s. . . . my boyfriend wants to link to this, if that's okay. we both think it's really fab, what you wrote. so there. :-D
hee, thanks, and yes - he may :)