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Dissapointed :(

So over in the bayarea community, some guy decided to post a bunch of rants basically telling us we were sheep. Or something. I never read rants, I just read the comments they provoke because I like to laugh.

To his first rant, people asked "why are you posting this here?" and other such questions. Some people said if he's so concerned with america, he should do something instead of telling people to do stuff.

In response, the guy posts ANOTHER rant to the community, stating that why yes - yes he IS politically active in the community and rants are made to stir up moral. Or something. He's not very convincing. People respond with "don't use 'you' if you're making a blanket statement if you don't want people to take things personally." Also - people disagree with him on his idea that rants are helpful.

So the guy posts AGAIN! Stating that freedom is speech is cool! And it's cool that people can disagree with him! Yay! But then he gets all grumpy because people are somehow stepping on his feet. Or something. Once again, tl;dr.

I finally replied to his post by saying that Freedom of Speech does not mean Freedom from Response, and I was confused why he was upset that people were disagreeing with him if it's so completely and totally awesome that we can. Were people addressing him incorrectly? Should they have been using latin? Iambic pentameter?

He has now deleted my comment, turned off the comment feature totally, and the past two rants are gone. I don't know how much longer the 3rd will stay but I'm disappointed. I needed some good, light hearted wank :(

I should have used rhyming couplets. Damn my lack of creativity!!!!
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