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1) In two months, the Twin Cities Tai Chi studio will be having their Chinese New Year celebration (yes, early). All the students who have graduated from the solo form are allowed to perform it for the celebration. This means probably 70 people in a teeny-tiny area. So yesterday, Sifu Ray began to teach us "jail house" tai chi. The idea is to do the form while in a 4x4 area. For those who don't know - there's actually a lot of moving around in Tai Chi, but if you don't have a lot of space, jail house teaches you to use the space you have.

I now practice tai chi in my cubicle. It's tons of fun.

2) I called the SNC registrar's office today to figure out how to get my transcript! It's easy and simple so I know that I can get it in (for a measly $5! w00t!!!) by the end of the year. I AM SO DOING THIS!!!

3) I called New College today to get a few answers to some questions I had about the application process. AND THEY REMEMBERED ME FROM LAST YEAR!!! I think this is a good sign - a VERY good sign *crosses fingers*

4) Because I got off work early, I went to Dr. Carol's early for my weigh in. Loss this week? 3 POUNDS! Bringing me to a total of....

48 lbs!!!

Submitted for your approval - a 48lbs fish:

Good GOD that thing is huge!!!

5) It's official - my Beatles Sweatshirt is now totally beloved by all who see it. It just IS.
Hello love, I am so stoked for you, the weightloss is amazing, and inspiring I might add. And I can't wait for you to be back in California. I just noticed that this was your 993rd LJ post, do you have any plans for the big 1,000? I suggest new pictures of the fabulous you. Much Love.
Ray is a friend of mine, you know. I just got back from seeing him a few hours ago. Someday I will get to his Tai Chi studio. I practice Cheng man Ching's 37 posture style myself. That and the sword-form I practice are very similar to the long Yang form, and single sword form that he teaches. T.T. Liang was a student of Cheng man-Ching.

When you see him, tell him Anthony from Braden says hi.