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"Pro-life" does not always mean "anti-choice."
Is the converse also true? Or is the support of being able to choose to end life inherently anti-life?
It's not true until you can justify it.
It kind of does, though. If one is pro-life for oneself but doesn't have the desire or claim the authority to tell other people what to do in that regard, one is pro-choice. True pro-lifers don't believe anyone should be able to make their own choices.
*runs away before anyone on your friends list can call me a baby killer this time* ;)
I caqn agree with that one. Similarly, I can also see how pro-choice doesn't mean pro-death. My perspective is, if you don't want an abortion, don't have one. It's that simple.
I try to talk people into having abortions. Doesn't work nearly often enough.
If you are pro-life but not opposed to choice, then you are pro-choice.